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9503Re: [SCA_BARDS] Memorium - Remembering to Cry

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  • Frederick J. Hollander
    Sep 11, 2012
      I wrote this only a week or so after the event. It has been
      unfortunately prophetic.

      -- Flieg

      11 September, 2001

      I cried because my feet were aching
      Until I met a legless man
      I’ve dried my eyes a thousand times
      To see the best I can.
      I learned of sorrow with dry eyes
      On the day my father died
      But they killed four thousand innocents
      And my eyes still have not dried.

      For I saw the smoky banners
      And the second fiery crash
      And I saw the towers plummet
      In a sucking plume of ash.
      And these visions will stay with me
      ‘Til the very day I die
      And I always will remember
      How to cry.

      I’ve seen the begging homeless
      And I’ve given them some bread
      I‘ve spoken to a dying child
      As I stood beside his bed.
      And I thought I knew of pity
      And compassion for a friend.
      But I’ve tasted bitter hatred
      Now my tears will never end

      For I saw the smoky banners
      And the second …

      And now we have declared a war
      Against the ones who did this deed,
      We’ll scour terror from the earth
      In the name of home and creed.
      When I see the humble villages
      Where I know the bombs will fall
      I know that my poor eyes will cry
      For the horror of it all

      And I saw the smoky banners…

      Oh, God give us the wisdom
      To spare those who had no say
      And give us strength and courage
      That will last beyond this day
      And to those who lives are strange to us
      Let friendship spread her wings
      So that in some far-off future
      I can weep for greater things

      For I saw the smoky banners…

      & & & Frederick of Holland, MSCA, OL, OP. etc.
      ++ +++ ++ Flieg Hollander, flieg@...
      ========= http://flieg.horanda.com/ <<--New
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