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8699Re: New song written while striking camp yesterday

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  • Linda Segal
    Aug 17, 2009
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      Ah, the beauty of filk emerges again. Lyric sheets are all that's needed if you can say 'to Edi Beo' or 'to Stingo' or 'to House at Pooh Corner' for that matter.


      --- In SCA_BARDS@yahoogroups.com, Mathurin Kerbusso <mathurin@...> wrote:
      > Sharon Vasquez wrote:
      > > I'm thrilled to see this discussion. My barony assures me that all
      > > bardic work is written down somewhere, although I haven't found out
      > > where yet.
      > > Gillian
      > Not quite! :-) Though a great deal of it is. But usually only the
      > lyrics, either because the artist is not comfortable with music
      > notation, or doesn't perceive it as useful since most of the audience
      > won't be familiar with notation either. Some folks with skill have put
      > up MIDI files of some songs calonsong.org http://calonsong.org/
      > For primary sourced material, go to
      > http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/minstrel.html
      > --
      > Mathurin
      > "Non nobis solum"
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