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8688Re: New song written while striking camp yesterday

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  • Lady Aneleda Falconbridge
    Aug 13 7:37 AM
      M' lord Mathurin,

      Perhaps, for posterity and to aid us all in sharing music over the Known World, you could summarize your experiences and suggestions in a document which could be housed here on the list?

      I know many people whose songs I would hear if I could, and often lament that I find lyrics all over but few with tune or sheet music.

      Is that something you might be interested in doing to share with the community? The "portable" option is especially interesting as I find that SCAdian performances are usually at their best in the "native environment" - at an event, with a crowd or a fire, warts and all.

      Please, what equipment do you use to "go native" ??

      Thank you!

      Aneleda Falconbridge

      --- In SCA_BARDS@yahoogroups.com, "Mathurin Kerbusso" <mathurin@...> wrote:
      > storybard@... wrote:
      > > From the technologically challenged to one who seems to know the
      > > mysteries:
      > > nice idea.
      > Thanks.
      > I initially set up a home studio and a few of us recorded CDs for teaching
      > the songs that are popular in Calontir. A couple of years ago I went
      > portable and started the Calonsound Project. So I have a significant
      > amount of research and experience in doing this stuff on the ultra-cheap,
      > and using the technology to enhance the oral tradition not supplant it. I
      > will happily share with anyone who is interested.
      > --
      > Mathurin
      > "Non nobis solum"
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