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854Re: [SCA_BARDS] Potrero war info

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  • Matthew Mitchell
    Apr 30, 2001
      Thank so much for your input.
      Your a gypsy. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! I too, am a gypsy.
      Do you know of a site that has any gypsy tales to
      Perhaps we can meet at the tables. Pick a day and
      time>, Friday we won't be there until that night.
      Hopefuly before dark. At least that is the plan. I
      have no desire to arrive in the middle of the night.

      It will be our first war. I look foreword to

      Just to make sure that I am writing to the person I
      think I am. You were at the Barons Feast this past
      weekend with lyre.


      --- "Ellen N. Brundige" <ebrundig@...> wrote:
      > For those as haven't been before, the Barony of
      > Calafia posts site info
      > and directions at:
      > http://www.calafia.org/events/maypotrero.html
      > Note that Highway 94 gets long, windy, and climbs
      > some fairly impressive
      > foothills until you're quite convinced you've missed
      > a turn. Don't
      > worry, it really is that far. Don't make the
      > mistake I did and try to
      > get there just before sunset your first time; it's
      > so bewildering trying
      > to find a place to set up in the dark!
      > I'm still wondering how to find people, but will
      > look for the Indigo
      > Rose party. Sapphira, about a meeting place. What
      > about the tables by
      > the merchant area? I think I remember shade over
      > there, and it's
      > something everyone could find.
      > As for finding me, there aren't too many blond Roman
      > women gadding
      > about, and I carry a lyre when I'm in pursuit of
      > bardic circles. I
      > usually camp near the bath-house, close to the
      > Templars and house
      > Sterling, as Madoc and Rhaelanedd are such nifty
      > neighbors. Look for
      > the (NEW!) period one-person wedge tent with the
      > blue River of Birds
      > banner, you know, the one with the Pennsic mud on
      > it.
      > --Kithyra de amne avium

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