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8492Re: [SCA_BARDS] Re: Horse song from Calontir?

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  • Mathurin Kerbusso
    Mar 4, 2009
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      Linda Segal wrote:
      > Ok, I'm curious... I can't scratch up the info for the reference in one
      > verse and it sounds like an interesting story. Anyone?
      > Crusaders from the west took Kilij Arslan unawares
      > When a thousand Frankish stallions met a thousand Turkish mares.
      > Two armies learned a lesson under battle-dusted skies:
      > If you deny my nature you are in for a surprise!
      > If you deny our compact you are in for a surprise!

      Short version:

      Europeans preferred stallions for warhorses. The Turks and Arabs preferred

      When the first major battle of the First Crusade was joined, neither side
      had any experience fighting the other. The horses weren't sure whether
      they were supposed to fight or ... The battle was not as battle-like as
      it might have been. :-)

      (The armies, and their horses, got used to the new rules pretty quick and
      were able to kill each other without such confusion in later meetings)

      "Non nobis solum"
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