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8102RE: [SCA_BARDS] Can't open doc.

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  • Mathurin Kerbusso
    Aug 11 7:49 AM
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      Justinos Tekton wrote:
      > On Sun, 2008-08-03 at 02:06 +0000, roxanne price wrote:
      >> I used microsoft works word.
      > The word processor in Works is very incompatible with other formats,
      > unfortunately. The full version of Word does a lot better. You could
      > also consider the free OpenOffice.org suite (http://www.openoffice.org/)
      > which can read and write Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.

      I would just like to add my recommendation for OpenOffice. It is a full
      featured office suite every bit as powerful as MSOffice, except it is
      free. Anybody still struggling with MSWorks should definitely upgrade to

      (And Firefox for browsing, and Thunderbird for email, but that is a whole
      other email)

      "Non nobis solum"
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