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8031Re: First Pennsic for a Bard

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  • Arsieu de Bordeaux
    Jul 3, 2008
      First of all, welcome to the madness that is Pennsic - it is so
      addicting I've been here this year willbe number six or seven... I
      lose count.

      Secondly, I can't add anything to what my esteemed colleagues have
      said. Heat is a definite factor, so water water water... and then
      water some more.

      Find/seek activities you enjoy and do them, attend classes, enjoy the
      merchants, seek out wandering bards during the day and night, stop by
      N19 at House Lac du Valle for a meal and some friendly chat, for
      that's where I'll be - in the midst of the Northsheld camp.

      -=Arsieu de Bordeaux, filker extraordinaire (pat. pending)=-

      > So, I'm the Bard of Caid right now, and making plans to attend my
      > first Pennsic. (eep)

      > Tips? Introductions?
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