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7721Re: [SCA_BARDS] an opposing view

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  • mathurin@forgottensea.org
    Nov 1, 2007
      hawkhill@... said:
      > With further apologies to Jim Henson and co.

      Long, snow-bearded winters have I seen,
      And many sun-bleached summers now are gone,
      Since first the terms of chivalry I learned,
      And first the SCA became a home.

      In all the books that I have since then read,
      In all that I have heard, or have been taught,
      Anachronistic humor is no sin,
      And so to chivalry it is no fault.

      To claim a sin 'gainst chivalry is stern.
      To claim it false or lightly is the worst.
      On sin-list, what you scorn's not even last,
      But to call thy brother "Raca!" *is* the first.

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