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7540Re: [SCA_BARDS] Re: arsieu!!! living la vida vicariously

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  • jenny tavernier
    Aug 1, 2007
      How wonderful that I can live vicariously thru yous guys - -specially if you post 'em!  (aand then I can drink - something beisdes coffee --
      Hehe Heh!

      Jen - off to move furniture for a tenant and and and. It just never stops!!!

      Arsieu de Bordeaux <arsieu@...> wrote:
      > Hi Sweetums!
      > Puns? I never pun!! (grin!)

      You? Pun? Nevah! ;)

      > not only in mushrooms, any room is fair game! heck, we don't need a
      room (well, we need room for groaning and throwing our arms out in
      pretended pain and death - LOL!

      Oh, is THAT why? And ehar I thought it was to isolate my gravelly
      voice from the Knowne Worlde. ;)

      > How the heck you been? and what's up? I hear you are not going to
      Pennsic? (So you won't be able to swat Jehanne by mistake when she
      starts buzzing)

      Actually, I -am- going to Pennsic, so yes. I will be there to listen
      to the buzz of Jehanne and George. :) And we -have- digital camera,
      we -will- get picture(s)!! *evil grin*

      See y'all at N 19!!!!

      -=Arsieu de Bordeaux, Bard at Pennsic=-

      Captain and King
      flew over the waves
      hunting to catch the mooncoin
      sliding into the sea

      Copyright ©2003/07 Jenny Honore Tavernier

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