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7337Re: [SCA_BARDS] My latest doggerel (bawdy, with introduction, comments sought)

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  • mathurin@forgottensea.org
    Jun 1, 2007
      Jeff Suzuki said:

      > Before I get to the song, a few questions. My strong desire is to
      > produce a piece that is risque/bawdy, but definitely *not*
      > pornographic. Oliver Wendell Holmes aside, I'm wondering if anyone
      > out there has thoughts on where the line is. More generally, what
      > makes a song bawdy?

      Most definitions of pornography specify that it has no artistic value. It
      is also a fixed form, such as print, drawing, photograph. And it is a
      relatively new word, not appearing before the mid-19th C.

      "Bawdy" is, by definition, lewd, obscene, vulgar, coarse. The root of the
      word is a synonym for "prostitute", "madam", and/or "pimp". See a
      fabliaux, such as "The Priest Who Peeked", for an example of Period
      bawdry; little is left to the imagination.

      For what you appear to be after, i.e., adult-but-not-obscene, the typical,
      mixed-company, double-entendre is a pretty safe line to draw. And you seem
      to have nailed it....if you will pardon the expression. :)

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