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7336Re: [SCA_BARDS] My latest doggerel (bawdy, with introduction, comments sought)

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  • Rick Greene
    Jun 1, 2007
      I would say this classifies as bawdy...to those "in the know" (ie:
      adults) the lines are pretty explicit, but to kids it doesn't make
      much sense. I would think it'd be safe enough if young-un's are about.

      I'm reminded of a (forgive me for this reference) line I've heard in
      the intro for a number of renaissance faire shows..."Parents, if your
      kids get these jokes, it's not our fault!". Similarly, a side
      comment after a racy remark by a performer: "Kids, ask your parents
      to explain that one later".

      I love this piece in and of itself, can easily see how this could be
      a good group-participation thing with at least the tan-a-ra, if not
      the chorus as well.

      I'm a bit confused by the first verse, however, doesn't quite seem to
      fit the rest. All the other verses seem to be about the woman, but
      that first verse doesn't seem to refer to her at all? Not knowing
      the inspiring story, did I miss something?

      Almost cries out for some knight/fencer/archer themed lines, how
      about these (can't believe I'm trying to write lyrics...it's not what I do)

      When she saw the knight's big lance
      She gave him a second chance

      She gave the archer a lark
      To see if he'd hit the mark

      Saw the fencer's long bright blade
      So she took him to the glade

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