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6322Re: [SCA_BARDS] One Merry major Reference! to keep on handLyrics, manus, midis, etc

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  • jenny tavernier
    Sep 5, 2006
      This might be of interest.
      jeanne (Lady Jehanne)
      Fwd from Aten thru West To You all!   Jenneth - bard of the pickle bowl
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      Sent: Saturday, September 02, 2006 11:31 AM
      Subject: [ECD] Traditional Music Library

      Just found this site...


      ...which is described below. 


      Tom Vincent


      A traditional and folk music archive of songbooks, tune-books, sheet-music, lyrics, midis, tablature, plus music reference, chord diagrams and music educational materials.

      The traditional and folk music here is split into various songbook or tune-book collections each with a particular theme, this could be the particular type of traditional folk or roots music or its source. Includes: musical scores from which you can print sheet music, song sheets with lyrics & chords, tablature, chord diagrams, instrument info and music education resources. There are also MIDI files to play so you can hear what the tunes sound like.

      The main sections of the site are listed below, or to see everything, go to the main menu HERE.
      Traditional Irish folk music songbook and tune-book -some 200+ favorite Irish music, tunes and songs in a 3 part collection. This collection of songs and tunes includes many of the best known and liked folk songs and tunes. There is also a collection of many Irish songs (or songs with Irish associations) with chords marked for guitar etc.
      Traditional & Folk Song Lyrics collection 3700+ items
      A huge collection of around 4000 traditional & folk songs with midi files and lyrics
      TABLATURE This is the sheet music, GUITAR TAB, and MANDOLIN TAB to go with the above 4000 songs.
      Traditional Bluegrass music pages with tune-book and songbook - Around 250 traditional bluegrass songs and tunes commonly performed in this style. These tunes and songs are mostly American folk or roots pieces including some sacred and inspirational songs. They include many numbers which are the most popular and often heard in bluegrass jam sessions and performances. The bluegrass style is characterized by fast tempo with an emphasis on the five string banjo and harmony singing. Bill Munroe and Flatt and Scruggs are often credited with originating this style. There is also educational material on how to play the bluegrass instruments and sing bluegrass harmonies, as well as a large collection of around 1000 bluegrass lyrics here
      Song Collection with 900+ traditional & folk songs with chords in easy keys.
      Traditional Scottish music songbook and tune-book - around 140 favorite Scottish tunes and songs. As with the Irish tune-book an effort has been made to include all the best know and favorite pieces.
      Traditional Old-time (Oldtimey) tune-book and songbook - 300+ tunes & songs commonly associated with the American "old-time" or "oldtimey" genre. Old-time music is essentially American folk and roots music, although very many of the pieces trace back to European origins. Old-time and traditional bluegrass music have many songs and tunes in common but the playing styles are very different. With old-time, the emphasis is much more on tunes and dance music, and often a deliberate effort is made to perform the music in the same way as it might have been done in the rural settings of 100 years ago. There is also a large collection of old-time song lyrics , here you will also find the Carter Family Song book. There is also a page with links to other old-time related sites.
      Folk revival songbook - 70+ popular folk songs associated with the 60's folk revival. This is a mixed bag of folk and roots music from more than one country. The connecting feature being that they are all pieces that were popular in folk clubs around the UK during the 60's . There is also a page with links to many traditional music and folk related sites.
      Sea Shanties & Songs of the sea a collection of 200+ items.
      Traditional Christmas music, carols and hymns songbook - 80+ popular Christmas carols and songs.
      Cowboy songbook - 70+ Cowboy, Western and Pioneer songs.
      Bawdy songs - Songbook with around 80 bawdy or rugby type songs (Warning some of these lyrics may be considered offensive.)
      Stephen Foster songs - Songbook with 70+ popular songs by Stephen Foster.
      Popular & Best Know Traditional and folk music - a collection of 80+ well known traditional song and dance tunes.
      Pub Session Tunes - A 3 part collection of 200+ tunes commonly played at pub sessions and other music sessions in the British Isles. This excellent collection probably includes 80% of the tunes you are likely to hear in English pub music sessions.
      Sussex Folk Orchestra Tunes - A collection of 70+ tunes played by the Sussex Folk Orchestra. This collection contains a "bit of everything" including English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, American, Cajun, European etc.
      MORE TABLATURE Looking for Tablature (Tab)? If so we have a product which might help. The "Just the Tune" album series features many of the best and most popular of bluegrass, oldtimey and traditional tunes played in authentic traditional styles by award winning multi-instrumentalist Rick Townend. As well as being excellent listening music, these mixed format music CDs(download versions also available) can also print out sheet music and tab for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Dobro or Tenor Banjo, for each track. Check it out HERE, there is also a similar product for bluegrass harmony singing HERE. We have had a lot of positive feedback from Appalachian clog dancers who have been finding the Just the Tune series ideal for beginners to dance to as they most of the preferred tunes but not at the usual break-neck speeds.
      TRADITIONAL DANCE - Appalachian Clogging (stepping) tutorial by Rosie Davis.
      EDUCATIONAL Singing and playing a large collection of material aimed at helping you be a better singer or instrumentalist. Includes a complete book on how to sing, A chord translation table to allow you to translate chords between any keys, Chord charts and Scale charts for Guitar, Banjo (5 string G tuning), Mandolin and Fiddle (violin), an extensive traditional & folk music oriented Encyclopedic Dictionary of Music, an extensive music tech, audio and home recording glossary HERE, a simple guide to Jazz Chords for guitar, a basic guide on playing 12 bar blues on any instrument, plus lots of other music education goodies.
      Song Finder - an index of popular music and songs from the last 500 years(approx)
      Songbook Finder - A contents list for 62 popular songbooks and tune-books of folk and traditional music.
      Fake Book & Real Book Finder - A contents list of many popular fakebooks and realbooks.
      NOTEWORTHY COMPOSER FORMAT MUSIC 10 tune books in Noteworthy Composer format including O'Neill's Dance music of Ireland (1600+ tunes) (Other new Noteworthy Composer format items available from main menu)
      You can view a 2 part contents list for all (non-NWC format) the tunes and songs on this site from HERE
      See the order information page HERE place order using Paypal HERE
      About this site - how it started etc look HERE.
      For music technology (home recording etc) and music software related links look HERE.
      There is also a vast list of traditional music related web resources you can view from HERE.
      For musical instrument related web resources (banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin etc) look HERE .

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