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4557RE: [SCA_BARDS] Re: Looking for sheet music

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  • Drew
    Apr 6, 2005
      > Purple then replied:
      > > Yeah, that has just the midi/mp3, and then the opportunity
      > to buy the
      > > sheet music...
      > You do know that you can take a MIDI file and make sheet
      > music out of it, right? You will probably have to tweak it,
      > but it produces useable sheet music. If you have problems, I
      > could send you either a Noteworthy Composer file, or a pdf of
      > the sheet music I got from the MIDI at the site above.

      I can't do it with Finale Notepad, can I? I think a friend of mine is
      coming through with this today, actually, but if you can make a PDF, that
      would be great.


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