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4473Re: [SCA_BARDS] Re: What ever happened to Christian mythology?

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  • L C Harmon Horner
    Jan 1, 2005
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      What a shame! There are and were many cultures during the "Christian expansion" which mixed both the Christian and Non-Christian symbology and mythology. In fact, in at least the Irish, the Christian traditions which have come down the ages have helped to illustrate the little that it known about the pre-Christian culture. And the wonderful processions of the Italians, the Mexicans also have their roots in pre-Christian times. ANd the Unicorn tapestries housed in the Cloisters are replete with both pagan and Christian symbology- and many times it is the same symbol with similar meanings!
      I have an idea to intertwine Lykewake Dirge and Wayfaring Stranger and when I asked for help from a non- SCA musician who is also pagan, I got a rather angry response. I personally have mixed pagan and Christian symbology in short stories, including one about Christmas and both sides of Charon's coin (so to speak) responded equally- each seeing that of the tradition they believe.
      I read the words to the song mentioned below- such a lovely translation! The only comment I would have for anyone who took offense would be to point out that roses are also the symbolic flower of various goddesses, and for some Christian doctrine both modern and ancient, Mary is assigned the place of such similarly, and is also connected to the Trinity in the concept of Sophia- aka "the holy spirit/ghost". But then, I think knowledge is the key to tolerance. Literature, song, poetry- these are the bridges.
      Alais de Saint Germain en Laye

      >> Truth be told, I think the whole thing is a crying shame.
      >> There are songs and stories told in SCA (and in period) that
      >> are so filthy/scatalogical/offensive that I am embarrassed to
      >> hear them in mixed company (and I'm not a prude; I have been
      >> guilty of some pretty suggestive stuff myself).  Nobody
      >> blinks at that.  But I can't sing "Es ist ein Ros
      >> Entsprungen" without fear of the backlash.

      Faugh a Ballagh!

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