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3906Re: What I did at my first Pennsic War - perspective from a newbie

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  • Jason Alexander Hartbrook
    Sep 1, 2004
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      > That would involve (a)travel and expense logistics that currently
      > are not within my scope right now and (b) filking. Repeat after
      > me: "It's Jehanne. Jehanne NEVER filks." (You in the peanut
      > gallery, shhhh.)

      Hmmmm... never, huh? *now has to do the honesty test and asks all her
      bardic acquaintances* Be honest, you've filked at least once, come
      on, admit it... its okay to filk.

      > I'm pretty hard to intimidate. ;->

      That's fine, I'm about as intimidating as a grain of sand.

      -=Arsieu, founder of Filkers United, local 316=- ;)
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