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2702Kingdom Crusades - Let the Performers Shine!

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  • Shivaun McGoff
    Sep 8, 2003
      Greetings from the Entertainment Coordinator for Kingdom Crusades in
      Darlington, MD! Please cross post to as many lists as appropriate with
      my thanks.

      There are many opportunities for performers this year! Beginning on
      Saturday afternoon in the main barn we plan to offer performances of all
      types. Come play, sing, juggle, or recite poetry for your kingdom! The
      Tropes from Rusted Woodlands and the Atlantian Performers Guild will be
      there. Which kingdom will have the most performers? Please contact me
      to arrange a performance time, minimum 10-15 minute blocks. Performers
      of all levels are welcomed.

      Buskers of all kinds are welcome to play in the marketplace or other
      safe spot and put out their hats.

      The Bhakaili Branslers will be providing the music for a Masked Ball
      that will be held in the main barn after court. The dances for that
      ball can be found on the Kingdom Crusades website
      www.crusades.eastkingdom.org and the music can be found on the Branslers
      homepage at http://crab.rutgers.edu/~pbutler/music.html for those
      instrumentalists who would like to join in.

      The famous Kingdom Crusades bardic circle on Saturday night will be in
      the capable hands of Mistress Linette de Gallardon in the barn theatre.

      Inspire your Kingdom to the heights of greatness - perform at Kingdom

      Lady Siobhan ni Dhonnabhain
      Entertainment Coordinator for KC 2003