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2681Apprentices' Bardic at Pennsic

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  • Jake Botticello
    Jul 7, 2003

      That's right, I'm misbehaving again, and I've got some help this time.  Check the announcement below.  Laurels, please let your apprentices know, unless you don't want them hanging out with the "wrong influences". ;)  Hope to see a bunch of you there.. 


      Oh, and as a warning, Laurels trying to sneak in will face punishment of.. err, well.. something. *shrug*  *grin*



      Lose the Laurels!  Pitch the Peers!

      A Night Out For ‘The Kids’ at

      The Apprentices’ Bardic Circle!



      Come One, Come All (except Laurels)!  Be ye welcome at the

      Apprentices’ Bardic Circle.  Anyone is welcome, unless you’re bewreathed!

       Come Sing, Come Socialize, Come Make Snide Remarks!

       Just don’t bring the Laurel!


      This Friday night at 8pm in the Venshavn Camp located at block E24

      (across the street from the road to the Classic Swimming Hole by

      the Lake), we’re throwing a party for ‘the kids’!


      Our hope is to offer a completely non-judgmental and

       open venue for performers of all (ok, not all;) ranks

       and a chance for the younger generation to get to know each other.

      The “Grown-ups” can go have their own fun!


       Loosen up that green belt a notch and come have some fun!



      The Apprentice’s Bardic Circle is the heinous work of Ivhon Thorne, Gwerydd verch Rhys, and Emer nic Aidan.

      Please report to their Peers with rude comments.




      This is intended to be good, clean fun.  My apologies if I've insulted anyone.. Also, I'm sorry if you've received this multiple times..  I'm excited, and that usually results in mass mailings. :)

      In Service and In Song,

      Ivhon Thorne of Sunrose

      Apprentice of Olagh Garraed Galbraith


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