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2666Re: [SCA_BARDS] Hey Landesknecht

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  • Evelyn Alden
    Jun 3, 2003
      --- Johnathan <jeisolomon@...> wrote:
      > Greetings!
      > I'm looking for music and lyrics to a song "Hey
      > Landesknecht". It was written by Master Gerhard von
      > Nordflamen for a West-Caid War back in 1979 or 80.
      > Any
      > information would be great.
      > Thanks-
      > John


      Hey Landsknecht
      Words and Music: Gerhardt von Nordflammen
      Source: Elf Hill Times Songbook

      I am a son of the Swabian soil,
      Born where life is but peace and toil.
      Village, mother, gentle wife: I loved them all,
      Until one day in spring when I heard this call:

      Hey Landsknecht, hey Landsknecht,
      Leben ist nicht aber krieg und schreck.
      Hey Landsknecht, hey Landsknecht,
      Leben ist nict aber krieg und schreck.

      That morning I was ploughing well content with life
      When a black voice came a-calling on the winds of
      I left my home behind me and I went to war
      Leaving peace and joy behind forever more.


      O God have mercy on a Landsknecht like me
      For I am such that even Christ would turn and flee
      I now delight in nothing save for war and death
      And all good people curse me with their dying breath.


      As I stand in the midst of the bloody fight
      I know I am cut off from God's pure light
      No church, no home, no loved ones, naught but remorse
      Oh curse the day I set out on my evil course.


      Between the bloody battles I just lay and drink
      With an ugly whore beside me full of worms and stink
      My misery is great, but greater still my shame
      For my mother now just spits when she hears my name.


      Take heed, brave youth, if you come within our sight
      Swaggering about in our colors bright
      'Tis only the show of deception's slaves
      Following the devil to the open grave.


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