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2617Buon giorno!

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  • gianottadallafiora <christianetrue@yahoo
    Mar 4, 2003
      Hello, fellow bards!

      My name is Gianotta Dallafiora, of the East Kingdom, Shire of Buckland
      Cross. I've settled on a Florentine persona of 1480 or thereabouts.

      I'm a pretty recent member of the SCA (started going to events in November,
      got my blue card in January). But I hung out on the fringes for years.

      I got sucked into the bardic world pretty quickly. A week after my first shire
      meeting, I went to my first practice of the Bhakaili Branslers, an instrumental
      music group, led by the multitalented Arden of Icomb. The Branslers are in
      high demand for a lot of East Kingdom events for dancing after feasts.
      Suddenly I've got three events in three months to attend, as well as monthly
      practices. And a 10-pound binder of sheet music. Whee!!!!!

      I'm also involved in a taping project for the East Kingdom bards; we're sending
      tapes of inspirational pieces to service folks who are in the SCA and have
      been activated for duty, like King Andreas. Hopefully we'll find out soon where
      the Marines have sent him!

      I play guitar, in classical and folk styles, and sing. I'm adequate <g>. I'm better
      in groups than standing out on my own, because of the fear-n-terror factor. I
      realize, however, that only thrusting myself into the spotlight will help ease
      that discomfort.

      So that's enough about me! I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of