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2612RE: [SCA_BARDS] Re: greetings

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  • Paul DeLisle
    Feb 20, 2003
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      > I already have a collection of period instrumental music waiting
      > to be uploaded to the site and I've been a folk singer for 50 years
      > and a lot of the stuff is period. I could post lyrics, line scores
      > and guitar tablatures.

      May I suggest an addendum/modification to your *most* worthy idea
      (particularly for lyrical pieces):
      Don't exclude post-period pieces! *Include* them, *with* footnotes;
      describing their earliest recorded date, author, etc. This allows
      *excluding* documentation (for Eisteddfodds and other competitions), as well
      as *including* documentation. It also allows a contentious bard to give the
      lineage of a particular (perhaps requested) piece (Many is the time I have
      performed a clamored-for piece, with the caveat of: "Very well, however this
      *isn't a period piece, it's from 18XX, from the [blabbity-blab] collection;
      and besides, it's after midnight...)

      In Service, I remain
      Alden Pharamond
      Tempio, Ansteorra
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