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2540Whistle tunes Re: [SCA_BARDS] Digest Number 539

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  • Kataryna Dragonweaver <eclipsek@teluspla
    Jan 6 11:14 AM
      Nope - AnTir, specifically Avacal.
      I'm sort of hoping to get a number of answers from all over - that
      way I have a list of songs I can suggest to others who ask me... I
      don't usually play with groups (since I don't get the chance to
      practice with groups often), but I get asked the question fairly
      often - I'd really like to be able to answer it.

      I realize most of the tunes are OOP Irish but I don't know the names -
      I'm just not an Irish persona ;) ... and I understand that people
      (esp. New people to the society) want to join in and play along.


      --- In SCA_BARDS@yahoogroups.com, "wodeford <wodeford@y...>"
      <wodeford@y...> wrote:
      > --- In SCA_BARDS@yahoogroups.com, eclipsek <eclipsek@t...> wrote:
      > > Sorry for the really long delay (Xmas holidays...).
      > > I have O'Neill's.
      > > The problem is that there are a ton of pieces in there and I'm
      > looking
      > > for a list of good ones to start with - but more a situation of
      > what
      > > are the more common ones played around the SCA.
      > Kataryna, are you in the East Kingdom? You might try asking Arden
      > Icombe from Bhakhail, as I think the Branslers do some OOP Irish
      > stuff.
      > Jehanne
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