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1712Re: [SCA_BARDS] Moosiness

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  • Michael B. Greenstein
    Jan 2, 2002
      Greetings, all, from Michael Alewright.

      I have been silent heretofore, because I hoped this subject would exhaust
      itself and we could get on with the business of entertaining and being
      entertained. Instead, it appears to be smoldering, instead, with flames in
      danger of breaking out any minute.

      That said, I scatter my $0.02 upon the waters, hopefully without adding any
      fuel to the fire:

      > You will ever be able to convince me that pandering to the lowest commen
      > denominator will somehow elevate minds and values.

      Hi, there, I'm a member of the lowest common denominator, by your
      definition. I like the moose song. I am also the current Sylvan Bard of
      AEthelmearc (I get to say that for another week and a half, anyway) and do
      my best to promote period-style poetry and song by my own example, and by
      (hopefully) making it fun (the one time people armed themselves with rocks
      before I performed, I am pleased to say none of them flew). No, I would not
      perform the Moose Song at an SCA bardic circle. I would prefer that if it
      be performed in an SCA context, that it be late in the evening when things
      get informal and people have stopped performing period and SCA appropriate
      pieces. Should someone perform it, I will probably encourage a "return" to
      more appropriate atmospheric pieces with my own work, and if filks seem to
      be the order of the evening, I will consider quietly slipping away
      (depending on my mood).

      Of course, I will probably also join in on the choruses. I've always liked
      that song.

      > Alienating all those with
      > 'honor and chivalry' would mean all you had left in your audience would be
      > those who considered this style to be in 'good fun'.

      You are stating bluntly that those who would not immediately leave at the
      presentation of such a song are without honor and chivalry. Do you truly
      mean this? Do you truly BELIEVE this?

      Do you have such contempt for your audience?

      > The bard looses all ground to elevate their
      > attitudes. Permanatly, I'm afraid, to whomever remembers them performing
      > such swill.

      Anyone who has ever performed the Moose Song is permanently stigmatized?
      Good Gentle, speak only for yourself. Allow me to suggest that even as
      tolerance does not equal absence of standards, the possession and
      maintenance of standards does not equal absence of tolerance.

      There will always be a filking element in the SCA, partly because the SCA
      draws many people who come from a background of enjoying filks. There will
      also always be pickle bucket armor on the list field, T-tunics over
      bluejeans, etc. Lead by example, show people how much fun it is to do it
      more period. You will make no friends and gain no converts by dictating to
      others and making sure that everyone knows you maintain a personal "shit
      list" of filking bards.

      > The best and really only way of inspiring chivalric and honorable
      > is to be an example yourself. Walking the walk means zero tolerance to
      > material that encourages sexism, rasicm, and other low minded thinking.

      Nope. No room for low minded thinking in the SCA. Wouldn't be period.

      Pardon me, I'm going to go listen to the Baltimore Consort perform, "My
      thing is my own."

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