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1709RE: [SCA_BARDS] Moosiness

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  • Susanna Rodriguez
    Jan 2, 2002
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      I missed the part where we declared the Moose Song to be racist or
      sexist. Everything you say below could well be true about a piece that
      was those things but I fail to see how the Mooses are guilty of these
      crimes. Please support this claim.


      --- Trey Capnerhurst <traesach@...> wrote:
      > You will ever be able to convince me that pandering to the lowest
      > commen
      > denominator will somehow elevate minds and values.
      > If I hear a bard perform this kind of material, I would be repulsed
      > and
      > would probubly leave. So would many others. I would definatly lose
      > respect
      > for the bard that would cater to such poor taste. Alienating all
      > those with
      > 'honor and chivalry' would mean all you had left in your audience
      > would be
      > those who considered this style to be in 'good fun'.
      > Active participation obviously implies approval of such behaviour.
      > If a
      > bard chooses to wallow in that kind of muck, then it only confirms
      > the
      > audiences' sensabilties. The bard looses all ground to elevate their
      > attitudes. Permanatly, I'm afraid, to whomever remembers them
      > performing
      > such swill.
      > The best and really only way of inspiring chivalric and honorable
      > behaviour
      > is to be an example yourself. Walking the walk means zero tolerance
      > to
      > material that encourages sexism, rasicm, and other low minded
      > thinking.
      > IMHO.
      > Traesach
      > >From: "Stephen Melvin" <Rathflaed@...>
      > >Reply-To: SCA_BARDS@yahoogroups.com
      > >To: SCA_BARDS@yahoogroups.com
      > >Subject: RE: [SCA_BARDS] Moosiness
      > >Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 00:40:20
      > >
      > >We
      > > >are supposed to be the guides in these forms of entertainment, and
      > others
      > > >will take thier cues from us.>Sometimes though, we can start at a
      > place
      > >like the Moose Song, and take them
      > >all the way to a period piece about honor and chivalry. Maybe even
      > in a
      > >different language. :) Sometimes you have to meet them where they
      > are at,
      > >in order to take them somewhere else. It may be sad, but I have
      > found it
      > >to
      > >be true.
      > >
      > >There is no challenge in merely performing for a group that already
      > has
      > >honor, chivalry and class. If you can find the "lower born"
      > (medievally
      > >speaking), and make them desire to act like nobles, well then you
      > have
      > >accomplished something. You won't always be able to do it, there
      > are
      > >camps/households you won't get past: "Hi, I'm a bard..." before they
      > run
      > >you
      > >out. But if you can...
      > >
      > >-R
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