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1442Re: [SCA_BARDS] Iron Bog A&S Symposium Class List and Directions

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  • Cynthia Williams
    Oct 8, 2001
      And where exactly would this be held at?

      Fine MacEwen

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      Subject: [SCA_BARDS] Iron Bog A&S Symposium Class List and Directions
      Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 17:17:40 -0400

      To everyone:

      Iron Bog's A&S Symposium is October 20th, Saturday, from 1-4 PM. If you
      are not on our Shire mailing list I am sending you this message because
      I thought you might be interested in the following class list.
      Directions are listed below and you are always (ALWAYS) welcome.

      1 - 2 PM Beading by Lady Ninian Ende

      Bring your 1" beads to make a piece of jewelry. Contact Lady Ninian at
      ninianende@... for more information.

      2 - 3:30 PM Tablecloth Embroidery Session

      Pitch in with your needle and black embroidery thread to stitch cattails
      on a tablecloth, which will be used at Feast of Shadows in November.
      Any space filling stitch can be used. A small circular hoop (approx.
      6") would also be helpful; some will be available for use if you do not
      have one.

      1 - 2:30 PM Bardic Circle

      Bring your stories, songs, and poetry to share. Limit of 10 mins. for
      each performance. Very informal! We're ALL ABOUT encouragement. Pieces
      do not have to be memorized, but it helps!

      2:30 - 3:30 Social and Political Changes after the Battle of Hastings by
      Corwyn (Joe Carpenter)

      This is given by a graduate student in medieval history. Contact him at
      eogwulf@... for more information.

      >From the North: Take 295 S to the 73 N exit. Turn left at the light,
      go through another light, then follow the road until you come out at Rt.

      73. Turn right onto 73. ** Take the 130N exit, then take the first
      jughandle to go left on Cinnaminson Avenue. It will curve around to the
      left. (Diner on right, karate dojo on left.) Follow Cinnaminson Avenue
      to the center of Palmyra (Wawa on right hand side). Cross the railroad
      tracks and turn right at the light. Go through the light in Riverton
      (1/2 mile) then look for S. Read. Turn right across the tracks, then
      take your immediate left. Go two blocks to S. Warrington. Turn right.
      T-M is the great big blue building on your left. Park on Rowland Street
      and look for the open blue door.

      >From the South: Take 295 N to the 73N exit. Take 73N about 5 miles.
      Follow the directions above at **.

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