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1307Re: Encouraging beginners, was M B Greenstein

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  • wodeford@yahoo.com
    Sep 1, 2001
      --- In SCA_BARDS@y..., Sigmund Hewett <siggy@M...> wrote:
      > Think back to the first time any of you performed, spoke
      > publically, whatever. Was it a harrowing experience? And were your
      > friends and peers supportive? If they yelled 'YOU SUCK!' maybe you
      > would never have continued.

      Been there, done that, SO spectacularly that friends and total
      strangers alike came up to me for the rest of the event to ask if I
      was all right.

      > I've been blessed to have people close to both me support and
      > criticize my work a number of times. They've been helpful,
      > informative, and keep my feet planted firmly on the ground.
      > I think I've improved greatly because of it. There will always be
      > someone worse than you out there, just as there will always be
      > someone better. Give help and support to those below you, and
      > those above you will do the same for you.

      Well put, Sigmund. I credit several very talented musicians in my
      kingdom for telling me repeatedly, "you can do this" and daring me to
      raise the bar.

      Jehanne de Wodeford, Rusted Woodlands (EAST)
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