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1179Beginner Storytelling websites

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  • Finnabhair
    Aug 19, 2001
      Unto her brother and sister Bards does Finnabhair ni Binnech send
      warm greetings.

      I am Bard of Lochac and Bard of Rowany and run my own yahoo group for
      bards in Lochac. However, my main focus is in the singing of folk
      songs and my knowledge and skills in storytelling are not so great. I
      was wondering if there are any good websites that you may know of for
      beginner storytelling within an SCA context. This would greatly help
      not only myself, but also others in my Principality (soon to be
      kingdom, Huzzah!).

      Also, if you would like to join this list, you can do so at

      Thankyou in advance,
      Finnabhair ni Binnech