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1116RE: [SCA_BARDS] Looking for Story Telling Pointers

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  • Glenn Gass
    Jul 5, 2001
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      I don't sing but I think I can tell a mean story.

      The formal story time would be at court, in A&S and anywhere that has a
      formal setting, Feast, even some bardic circles. These will normally have
      one person in charge so it kind of gives it away that it's formal.

      The informal is the relaxed everyone gather by the fire, and have fun. No
      ones in charge and everyone takes turns. Don't be Rhino Bard!

      As to telling stories, there are a few rules for you:

      Perform short not to flowery pieces. Time after time I've had people get up
      and leave or start talking in long, overly discriptive pieces.

      Humorous pieces can be longer then sad pieces.
      longer pieces with a chorus work well as it gets the audience involved.
      2-4 minutes is a long time to listen when your drunk.
      2 or more plot twists is confusing if your drink.
      Long names get foregotten
      if there isn't a lot of alteration(sp?) don't spend time learnig it word for
      have lots of good friends that will not roll their eyes up into the back of
      their head when you use them to practice on.

      Greggor of VR
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