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1113RE: [SCA_BARDS] Looking for Story Telling Pointers

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  • Lillyth
    Jul 4, 2001
      Well, as for my experience with storytelling of any kind, formal or
      informal, timing is of the essence. I have certain stories I tell that over
      the years I've perfected timing and nuance on, and as a result, they're much
      the better for it. All I can suggest for getting it right, is writing it
      down, practicing, and if it doesn't have the right effect, redo it.

      Also, know you're audience for the story you are telling. It makes no sense
      to tell an armoring/fighting story to a group of dancers unless they fight
      as well or are familiar enough to understand. Aka: Don't geek out the
      audience. A mundane example is that I have stories that are geology related
      and are quite funny for people who understand geology. Trying to tell them
      to a comp-sci person on the other hand goes over about as well as an
      elephant in a China shop.

      Animation in storytelling can be helpful, meaning animate yourself if

      If you've had any experience in the theater, use it. Otherwise, watch some
      and see how they use their bodies to convey things.

      Good luck!

      Saviya the Silent
      College of St. Golias
      Kingdom of the Outlands

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      Since I am new to this, it is about time to make the traditional "please
      the newbie" plea. I'm looking for tips in both formal and informal settings,
      if there is a distinction between the two. I'm sure a lot of it does depend
      on personality, but if there is any standardized pointers, please send them
      my way


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