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Respite News April 2014 - Respite Summit, New Voucher Funds, and more

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  • Susan Leiby
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      April 2014

      Respite Review

      Recent Changes


      The Respite Coalition again has funds for family caregivers caring for elders, as well as a little left for younger and midlife populations. This is for the family caregiver to take a break, not just for bills or to go to work. The focus is on those taking care of someone who can't be left for any length of time or overnight.

      The eligibility information and application are on the website. Family caregivers who have received a voucher from the Aging & Disability Resource Center recently should just call us for a consent form and may not need to complete another.





      Attend the South Carolina Respite Summit!





      CHANGE OF DATE:    Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m

      Seawell's Banquet and Reception Center, 1125 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, S.C. 29201

      Developing a vision of what respite could look like by 2020

      for all family caregivers in S.C.


      The Respite Summit - day of work and collaboration with the goal of creating an easily accessed respite system for family caregivers of all ages.


      Professionals from the private and public sectors will be invited, as well as family caregivers and faith community representatives. 


      Click here to register



      Join Our Cause


      PLEASE EXPRESS YOUR OPINION ABOUT RESPITE FUNDING. At our website is a letter that you can personalize with your own story or that of family caregivers you know. Using your home address, please print two copies and send one each to your S.C. representative and senator at the statehouse.



      call (803) 734-2010 for representative & 212-6700 - senator or





      Summit Sponsorships


      The South Carolina Respite Coalition relies on community support to keep its doors open.  Help us make the Summit a phenomenal day by sponsoring.  Sponsorships are available at many levels.  Click here to get the sponsorship form.  Can be mailed, faxed, or emailed. 
      If you are interested in donating to the South Carolina Respite Coalition, visit our secure donation page.








      PO Box 493

      Columbia, SC


      Phone:  803-935-0257

      Fax:  803-935-5229 


      Susan Robinson, Director



      Stephanie Sumner, Data Coordinator



      Allison Poole, Program Coordinator



      Megan Monts, Program Coordinator



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