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Developing iOS app for ASD

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  • Susan Leiby
    My name is Danielle Feerst. Phone number (843) 437-6910. I m a rising sophomore at Tufts University studying Engineering Psychology and Child Development. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2013

      My name is Danielle Feerst. Phone number (843) 437-6910. I'm a rising sophomore at Tufts University studying Engineering Psychology and Child Development. I live in Mount Pleasant and I'm an Ashley Hall graduate.


      I am developing an iOS app for increasing eye contact and presentation skills in higher functioning individuals with ASD --the product iPresentWell is in its very beginning stages. Please contact me if you think you or your family member with an Autism Disorder could benefit from this application. We would love to meet with you, share the idea and receive your feedback. Then we would keep in touch with you and your family until the application is successfully on iTunes so that you all could get a discounted price on its first version!!!


      Problem Solved: Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders have difficulty making one-on-one eye contact, socializing and engaging, and presenting their ideas fluently. This hinders professional success, school success, and relationship development.


      Other apps for speech-making and presentation focus only on one aspect like improving language or reading skills. This app targets all aspects of delivering a speech, but focuses mainly on improving eye contact skills.  Also, other applications for individuals with Autism Disorders are targeted for the use or supervision of caretakers.


      With this app, users with higher functioning Autism Disorders will overcome anxiety of eye contact while presenting a speech, virtually, with real images of peoples' eyes. So the user's practice of a presentation assists them directly in a real world situation. The application could also incorporate a running dialogue with open-ended questions that the user would have to answer. Then, his or her responses could be rated and critiqued.


      This application is user-friendly and targeted for higher functioning individuals who recognize their social anxiety and want to improve on their own.


      The application monitors eye contact while the user practices delivering a speech out loud. The user can synch his or her recorded videos (visual and audio) onto his or her iPod, iTunes, or social networking accounts for later practice or peer-to-peer feedback.


      The user must download text to read out load and choose to turn on the camera on the device for video recording and feedback. If the user makes eye contact, then the eye tracking software will keep track of missed attempts throughout the speech when the user should have made eye contact with the top of the screen. If the user makes a mistake while practicing the speech, the Speech-to-text software will detect the mistake and record sections of the speech for the user to retry or practice again on the home screen.


      My website is http://www.autismsees.com/.


      Thanks so much


      Danielle Feerst








      Susan Leiby

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