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2011 Camp Greenville Spectrum Camp Dates Announced!

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  • Susan Leiby
    YMCA Camp Greenville has just completed their 2010 slate of Spectrum Camps, and is now planning for 2011! Due to the immense popularity of the Spectrum Camps,
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      YMCA Camp Greenville has just completed their 2010 slate of Spectrum Camps, and is now planning for 2011!  Due to the immense popularity of the Spectrum Camps, a 4th weekend will be added!


      What is Spectrum Camp?


      Spectrum Camp is for families with individuals on the autism spectrum, including Asperger’s, PDD-NOS, ADD/ADHD, or related disabilities.  They provide a traditional camp experience for the whole family in a supportive and safe environment:  archcery, hiking, crafts, rifelry, canoeing (May, August), swimming (August), fishing, songs, and campfires.  Each family will have a private bath (or the option to share for a reduced price) and sleep area in a heated cabin.  All meals are provided, and they even have food for those on the GF/CF and Feingold diets (by request).  NEW in 2011:  Swimming in August, and horseback riding available at all sessions (additional fee for horseback riding).


      You do not have to live in Greenville to attend.  We have had families from all over South Carolina , and other states as well.


      What is Camp Greenville ?


      Camp Greenville is a YMCA camp located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, about an hour drve from Greenville , SC and Asheville , NC .  Set on a ridge overlooking the Carolina Piedmont, Camp Greenville features 1600 acres of land at 3000 feet. 


      What dates are available?


      All camps begin on Friday evening and end Sunday after lunch.  For 2011, Spectrum Camp will be held as follows:

                  Mother’s Day (May 6 – 8)

                  Summer Fun (August 26 – 28)

                  Halloween Extravaganza (October 28 – 30)

                  Turkey Day Special (November 25 – 27)


      What does it cost?


      The all-inclusive price for a family of 4 is $299.  This includes your lodging (2 nights), all meals, and all activities.  (Note, horseback riding is an additional fee.)


      Scholarships are also available by contacting Taylor Fay at tfay@....  You can also contact your Service Coordinator or Early Interventionist to see if any family-support funds are available.


      Why should I come?


      The following is a beautiful article written by a mother who has attended Spectrum Camp several times with her family. 



      Pretty Place

      Spectrum Family Camp


      My daughter has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and Childhood Anorexia. We first came to Camp Greenville in October 2009, and at that time she was afraid of most everything. For example, when we arrived she was introduced to Greg McKee and ran away screaming! However, within 3 hours, we could visibly see her relax for the first time. There is something about camp and the staff that have put her at ease in a way that she is no place else. She ended up shooting a bow and arrow, shooting a rifle, went bouldering, stood in the middle of a group of adults and children and spoke to them without showing fear, the list goes on and on. This fall we saw her sit beside Greg McKee and lean on him while talking to him, pet a snake and hike almost fearlessly through the woods. When she is at Camp Greenville she actually seems like every other kid. It brings happy tears to my eyes as I watch her be able to do things I was afraid she would never experience. She has taken some of the bravery she has learned at camp out into the real world too. She started kindergarten this year and I know that many of the things she has experienced at camp have helped her to face this new situation. I have learned while watching her at camp that bravery is not a lack of fear but being willing to do things in spite of your fear. I believe that her experiences at Camp Greenville have helped her to become a more confident child. Thank you for providing a safe accepting environment for her to do this.

      --From a mother of a five year old participant.

      Additional Questions?


      Contact Taylor at tfay@... (864-836-3291), or send me your questions via email at SusanL@....


      The application is attached.  Note that many camps fill up quickly, so get your application and deposit in soon!



      Susan Leiby

      Special Events Coordinator, Strides for Autism

      Project Coordinator, "All Are Welcome"

      South Carolina Autism Society

      864-241-8669 (office)

      864-517-0501 (cell)




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