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MIDLANDS: Family Connection Scout Troop 123 - Meeting tonight (Monday night)!

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  • Susan Leiby
    Susan Leiby Special Events Coordinator, Strides for Autism Project Coordinator, All Are Welcome South Carolina Autism Society 864-241-8669 (office)
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      Susan Leiby

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      Subject: Family Connection Scout Troop 123 - Meeting tonight (Monday night)!



      Next Meeting (Tonight): The next Family Connections Scout Troop 123 meeting is Monday August 2nd (tonight) from 6:30 to 7:30 PM at the Family Connection Office.


      Tonight’s activities include knots, braiding, inflating a raft, practicing raft paddling & safety, and scout songs!


      Mission: Our troop strives to accommodate boys and girls with special needs, their siblings, and friends.  Children will be required to have a responsible adult accompanying them for the meeting.  We will have fun and do scouting related activities to build skills, relationships, and values.  Meetings will have sub groups geared to various developmental levels and abilities as best as we can accommodate. 


      Organization: The troop is organized as three troops:  Cub Scout Pac 123, Boy Scout Troop 123, and Venturing Crew 123 that will meet together or separately as appropriate. 


      Parent Involvement:  Parent involvement is critical for success to assist/supervise their child’s participation in activities and maximize benefit while keeping their and other children safe.   Parents will help with providing snacks and accommodate their own child’s special diets as needed.  Parents will be responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their own child as well as deciding the appropriateness of involvement of their child in specific activities.


      Regular Meetings: The regular meeting time will be Mondays from 7:00 to 8:00 PM at the Family Connection office except for the 3rd Monday of each month which will be a special events night.  We will not be meeting Monday, January 18th and watch our emails for meeting schedules.  Since we are just starting this ambitious group, the first few meetings may not be every week but become regular as soon as practical.


      We will provide a range of planned activities but also try to incorporate a child’s activity to engage and involve special needs as appropriate and resources permit.  The parent’s involvement is critical to help integrate the child into appropriate activities.


      Location:  Family Connection Office… 2712 Middleburg Drive, Suite 103 - B, Columbia , SC 29204     (803)252-0914:  For more information on Family Connection visit: www.familyconnectionsc.org.

      Drive around back.


      Bring:  Child (child’s siblings and friends are also welcome), sharable snacks, games or activities your child can participate in, your imagination, and your patience!  We are going to have to be creative and patient to make this work!


      Joining:  Membership is $17 per year.  Magazines, uniforms and other items are optional.  There may be fees or expenses for specific outings and activities.


      BSA: For more information on Scouting visit our local chapter: Indian Waters Council – Boy Scouts of America at www.indianwaters.org.


      Please forward this announcement.


      Thanks to all the parents and interested parties that have helped create this new opportunity for our special needs children!  We give a special thanks to Luther Lown of Boy Scouts of America IWC, and Susan Haney of Family Connection for their extra efforts (beyond what they get paid for) and other leadership from both organizations to help get us get going.


      Karl Smith

      Troop 123 Executive Director



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