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850SC Autism Society Board Meeting Announcement

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  • Susan Leiby
    Jan 14, 2014

      The next meeting of the Board of Directors of the South Carolina Autism Society will be held as follows:


      Date:   Saturday, January 25th

      Time:   10:00 am

      Place:  SC Autism Society, 806 12th Street, West Columbia, SC.


      SCAS Members are welcome to attend meetings of the Board of Directors. If you would like to speak at the meeting, please call SCAS at 803-750-6988 to be put on the agenda.  The current agenda is below.


      South Carolina Autism Society

      January 25, 2014

      Board Meeting Agenda


      Item                                                                                                            Time               Info / Action          Who


      1. Call to Order                                                              5 mns.       Action              Susan Kastner


      2. Approval of Agenda                                                   5 mns.       Action              Susan Kastner


      3. Approval of Minutes from Oct. 12 mtg.                     5 mns.       Action              Susan Kastner


      4. Director’s Report                                                        15 mns.     Information      Kim Thomas


      5. Treasurer’s Report                                                     15 mns.     Information      Mitch / Harry

          And financial forecast discussion                             


      6. Search Committee Report                                        15 mns.     Information      Mark Hoffman


      New Business:


      7. Discussion on Board members & structure               15 mns.     Info / Action     Susan Kastner


      8. Discussion of PR campaign                                      15 mns.     Info / Action     Susan Kastner


      Executive Session


      ·         CEO Hiring Discussion    


      9. CEO Hire                                                                   10 mns.     Action              Susan Kastner


      10. Adjournment                                                            5 mns.       Action              Susan Kastner




      Susan Leiby

      South Carolina Autism Society

      Communications & Events


      Upstate Office

      5 Century Drive, Suite 132

      Greenville, SC  29607

      Cell:  (864) 517-0501 ß New Number


      Visit us online at http://www.scautism.org


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