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  • Susan Leiby
    May 2, 2012





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       Research Recruitment for Infants and Adolescents!

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      Dr. Jane Roberts at the University of South Carolina Department of Psychology is recruiting participants for two NIH-funded studies examining the development of infants with an older sibling with autism and adolescents with autism or fragile X syndrome.

      For the infant study, we are looking for male infants with an older sibling who has been diagnosed with autism.  We are recruiting siblings from birth through 12 months of age for participation in this study.  Participation includes assessments in the home at 6, 9, and 24 months of age and a trip to USC at 12 months of age (travel expenses covered).

      For the adolescent study, we are recruiting males with autism or fragile X syndrome ages 14-20 years to participate in our study examining language outcomes in these populations.  Participation includes 4 yearly visits to USC for development, language, and autism-specific assessments (travel expenses covered).

      If you or someone you know is interested in participating please contact us.  Also, if you simply want more information on the study details, please visit our website at www.uscdevlab.com   or by email: uscdevlab@... and phone (803) 777-5676.




      Craig C. Stoxen


      South Carolina Autism Society

      806 12th Street

      West Columbia , SC   29169


      803.750.6988 - Phone

      803.750.8121 - Fax