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TGS Meeting Notes 2014-05-18

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    Notes from TGS Meeting held 2014-05-18 Present: Robyyan, Christian, Tacet, Hal, Juliana, Phebe, Matilda, Dunstan, Gianetta, Fern, Aethelwulf, Kevin, Gwen,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2014

      Notes from TGS Meeting held 2014-05-18

      Present: Robyyan, Christian, Tacet, Hal, Juliana, Phebe, Matilda, Dunstan, Gianetta, Fern, Aethelwulf, Kevin, Gwen, Nadezda, Kith

      Seneschal: quarterly report submitted ahead of deadline. We'll be on vacation the week before next meeting, expect agenda posting might be even flakier than this month.

      Herald: no report

      Knight's Marshal: nothing to say

      Exchequer: NMS check finally written and signed, new Kingdom exchequer caught a calculation mistake before it was written. We should thank Bojei for helping keep the office in shape. Group balance and income sheets distributed for review.

      Quartermaster: nothing to report

      Chatelaine: report submitted on time

      Webminister: report submitted before deadline. Yahoo email addresses having problems with mailing lists outside of Yahoo. This includes the peerage mailing lists. Yahoo has instituted some badly thought out spam protection that prevents most mailing list traffic from being delivered. Yahoo considers this an improvement, and is unlikely to make changes. If you are using a Yahoo email address, the only solution available (other than hoping mailing list software changes how it works) is to change email addresses to a different provider. (Note our mailing list originates at Yahoo and is OK)

      Canton Officer Selection / Confirmation
      Full slate of officers approved:
      * MOAS: Gianetta
      * Knight's Marshal: Kith
      * Exchequer: Gwen
      * Quartermaster: Hal (continuing)
      * Chatelaine: Fern
      * Webminister: Robyyan (continuing)
      Change of office forms were distributed and completed. Everyone taking an office please send them in up the food chain promptly! Copies to seneschal, baronial officer, regional, and kingdom officers is a good idea. And check midrealm.org for the appropriate office information.

      Project Review: Officer Regalia
      Gianetta presented a design and plan for Tree-Girt-Sea baldrics to be made with seneschal, exchequer, chatelaine, and herald badges, and several additional without badges to be used by event staff. Approval granted for up to $100 to be spent.

      Project Review: Storage Area Improvements
      Hal noted that a lot of our stuff has been going in and out of storage piecemeal, rather than in the boxes as packed, and it would be more efficient to keep things stored separately and pack and load out only what's needed for a particular event. Adding shelves with dustcovers to the storage area would allow that, while still keeping things protected from dust. He has an estimated cost for two metal shelves with covers. Approval granted to spend up to $350 on shelves and covers.

      Consider changing meeting night:
      Surveymonkey data shows that Sunday night is best. 63% of the responses preferred Sunday, far ahead of the 18% that preferred Monday in second place. Meetings will remain on Sunday.

      12th Night 2015
      No bids received to date. After discussion, Gianetta will attempt to draft an autocrat and will talk to the cooks guild about a head cook for an event tentatively themed "Medieval Bestiary", possibly with a focus on kid-friendly activities. Any other potential bids should be posted to the mailing list before the June meeting. We need to have a decision in June.

      Next meeting 2014-06-15.
      * 12th Night 2015 planning

      Please post additions and corrections if any.

      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Ayreton, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)
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