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heraldic challenge - forwarded by request

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  • Midlands Regional Seneschal
    My apologies if this is received twice... Good Gentles of the Midlands-- Recently, our Household and the Region of Constellation was offered a challenge to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2014
      My apologies if this is received twice...

      Good Gentles of the Midlands--

      Recently, our Household and the Region of Constellation was offered a challenge to anyone living in the household/region to encourage the heraldic Arts. Since then, this challenge has been issued to Northern Oaken and is about to be in Pentamere. It is SO cool, and my husband and I enjoyed the challenge so much, that I am inspired to issue the challenge to the good people of the Midlands.

      The challenge: Create any object prominently featuring heraldic display (whether yours or another's personal device, a household device, the Kingdom Device to gift, the Populace Badge, etc) with the specific aim of beautifying one's War camp or day camp, including personal garb and equipment. Heraldic clothing, beads, painted feast gear, carved furniture, applique banners, embroidered veils or garb, etc etc.
      Entries will be accepted via digital photograph and whatever documentation you care to provide. The criteria is strictly based on skill, "visual impact", and display of heraldry. Period materials, techniques, etc are wonderful but not required or specifically encouraged for entry (we are looking for spiffiness…make us proud).

      Entries will be accepted through July 15th, 2014. The judges for the contest are a panel of experienced SCA members from multiple disciplines who reside OUTSIDE of Midlands, in fact out of our Kingdom (I will only facilitate the entries). The July 15th date is also after the regional and Kingdom A&S faires are over; whether or not the entries are also A&S entries is unimportant. However, these objects must be recent projects, not things that were already in existence.

      Scoring will consist of four areas: Clarity of Heraldic Display (Does this convey a heraldic idea?) Period Usage of Display (no, materials and methods do not HAVE to be period. But does the final product make a daycamp or encampment LOOK or FEEL more period). Likeliness of frequent usage (is it something people will actually use?) and Skill in Execution (once again, NOT period materials, etc., but how well was it done).

      The prizes will grow over the next month as a few arrangements are finalized. As of this moment the winner will receive a stained glass suncatcher or panel created by Brynn, depending on materials and inspiration (on his part). I fully expect further prizes will be available, after I finish negotiating with other artisans.
      If you have any questions, please let me know. PLEASE feel free to share this with groups/e-lists for focused on our region. I will post reminders once or twice a month until then, adding any further prizes as they become available.

      Acelina of Derelei


      SCA: THL Marie la Fauconniere, C.D.H., C.W. (macgregorscairn@... / 847-452-2032 cell)
      Midlands Regional Seneschal (midlands.seneschal@...)
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