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Fw: From the Regional Seneschal's Desk: April, A.S. 48

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    Hey folks, here s a leter from the Midlands Seneschal you might find of interest. We ll talk more about the NMS audit fire drill she mentions at our meeting
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2014
      Hey folks, here's a leter from the Midlands Seneschal you might find of interest.

      We'll talk more about "the NMS audit fire drill" she mentions at our meeting on Sunday.

      She mentions that it would a good idea for the seneschal to receive copies of other officers' reports.  She's right, it would.
      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Ayreton, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)

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      Subject: From the Regional Seneschal's Desk: April, A.S. 48

      Greetings to the Midlands!
      Spring at last, and the weather finally agrees with the calendar… Fortunately for all us winter-weary folk, the Midlands hasn’t waited for warm weather to get active. In recent weeks I’ve had the pleasure of attending events in Ravenslake, Grey Gargoyles, Swordcliff, Carraig Ban, and Illiton. Crystal Chamfron and Awakenings are both right around the corner – and that just takes us through April. We do know how to keep ourselves busy, don’t we?
      Thank you to everyone who got their Q1 reports to me. I know it sometimes seems like just a monumental paperwork shuffle, but it’s my (and Kingdom’s) only way to see what’s happening in the local groups. I really do read every bit of every report that comes in. You may be happy to hear that work is underway on a web-based version of the report like those already in use for Heralds and Marshals! With a little luck, it might be ready later this year – I’ll let you know as soon as I know.
      Thank you as well for responding quickly and thoroughly to the recent NMS audit “fire drill”! Believe me, it came as a surprise to me, too. But it’s a good reminder that we should be keeping file copies – whether paper or electronic – of all Seneschal and Exchequer-related reports so your eventual successors in office will have easy access to your group’s history. Also (as a reminder): it’s a good practice for Seneschals to receive copies of other officers’ reports and change-of-office forms.
      One other paperwork note: It’s really, REALLY important to send in your change-of-officer forms right away whenever an office turns over. Recently there have been missed or delayed communications from the Kingdom level because the appropriate Kingdom and Regional officers didn’t know about personnel changes. The Kingdom website is improving about getting things up to date – it’s a lot better than it used to be – but having the backup forms on file is still very much needed. Change-of-office forms go to the Regional officer; if you don’t have a Regional officer, send them to Kingdom and copy me.
      There was a great turnout at the Regional A&S Faire – one of the larger Midlands faires I’ve seen – and lots of entries are eligible to move on to Kingdom. Congratulations to all! Be sure to share what you’ve learned – whether by teaching, judging, entering displays, or helping someone else prepare an entry. The artisans at every level are the adornment of the Kingdom and they enrich the Dream for all of us.

      E-MAIL NOTE: Yahoo has become increasingly unreliable (it ate this message twice), is constantly hacked, and is ridiculously full of spam. Therefore the Regional Seneschal e-mail address will change as of May 1 to midlands.seneschal@.... I’ll continue to monitor the Yahoo address for a couple of months after that.
      I'll be attending a number of events in the next couple of months, both in and out of the Region. As usual, I'm available for "office hours" whenever you see me wearing the red ribbon and sparkly Key. Come say hello!

      And with that…remember to drink water, wear sunscreen, make stuff, do stuff, share the toys…
      Wishing you health and good fellowship!
      (Seneschals, please feel free to share these missives with all your folk. Lady Kitsune, would you be so kind as to replace the current Seneschal's letter on the Midlands webpage, with this one? Many thanks!)
      SCA: THL Marie la Fauconniere, C.D.H., C.W. (macgregorscairn@... / 847-452-2032 cell)
      Midlands Regional Seneschal (midlandsseneschal@...)

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