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TGS Meeting notes 2014-03-16

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    Notes from TGS Meeting held 2014-03-16 Present: Robyyan, Fern, Gianetta, Gwen, Byrgithe Seneschal: when do we expect bids for next 12th night event? By June? 
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      Notes from TGS Meeting held 2014-03-16

      Present: Robyyan, Fern, Gianetta, Gwen, Byrgithe

      Seneschal: when do we expect bids for next 12th night event? By June?  Should we have someone reserve a date at a site?  What site?  We hear there's been a change in management at the Irish American Heritage Center, and at least the bar misses us. Should we investigate returning there?

      Herald: no report

      Knight's Marshal: practices continue

      Exchequer: no report.  There was a small discussion about the amount of profit from 12th night, did we really make that much? Should we balance income and expenses better?

      MOAS: Regional A&S March 29, there's people from TGS planning to enter things

      Quartermaster: no report

      Chatelaine: no report

      Webminister: nothing much happening, average just over 1 visit/day, almost all to the front page of the site

      Baronial update: none

      Canton officer regalia discussion and planning: We agreed sashes sounded like a good idea, white with blue stripe and TGS tree(s) painted on, with office badges painted too.  Sashes without badges (but with tree) would be suitable for identifying event staff.  We agreed we're prepared to spend some money to fund supplies.  Gianetta will bring proposed design and project plan (with budget) to the next meeting.

      Canton officer selection meeting will be the May meeting! This meeting was the deadline for people to express interest in taking an office. We talked through the list of officers, but with so few people present we had to do some guessing.

      The full list of officers and what we think is the state of the slate:
      * Seneschal: Robyyan, term expires 2015
      * Minister of Arts and Sciences: Gianetta is interim in office, needs approval at May meeting
      * Herald: Jocelyn, term expires 2015
      * Knight's Marshal: Fern stepping down, Kith willing to serve, needs approval in May
      * Rapier Marshal: vacant
      * Exchequer: Juliana willing to continue
      * Quartermaster: Hal would like a replacement
      * Chatelaine: no knowledge, is Nadezda willing to continue?
      * Webminister: Robyyan willing to continue

      Remember that according to our charter, the populace must express approval of candidates stepping up to an office, and those continuing in office after their first term of two years.  Also remember that candidates for office are expected to read the charter before the officer selection meeting. (link to charter is on the front page of our web site)

      During the officer discussion, Gwen expressed some interest in being a deputy to the Exchequer, and Byrgithe expressed interest in being minister of youth.  We suggested we would all be better served by Byrgithe taking on such a role with the Barony as a whole, rather than the Canton.

      We've had people at a bunch of recent events and activities, including Valentine's Day Massacre, Ravenslake A&S day, a demo at the Batavia Public Library, Gulf Wars.  The  Baron's Noyse and the Pippins performed at Sulzer Public Library in Chicago.

      Upcoming events: Midlands A&S not far away ; Crown Tourney will also be a day trip distance in Indiana.  Baronial meeting at the end of the month.

      New idea suggested, it will be on the agenda for discussion next month: consider changing the TGS business meeting to a Tuesday evening, in conjunction with (meaning before or after) the fighting practice held at the church.

      Next meeting, 2014-04-13, the SECOND SUNDAY of April (the third Sunday is Easter)

      Please post additions and corrections if any.
      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Ayreton, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)
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