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TGS Meeting Notes 2014-02-09

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  • rtesca-tgs1492@yahoo.com
    Notes from TGS meeting held 2014-02-09 Present: Robyyan, Gianetta, Phebe, Bojei, Matilda, Dunstan, Jocelyn, Kevin, Hal, Juliana, Gwen, Fern Seneschal quarterly
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2014
      Notes from TGS meeting held 2014-02-09

      Present: Robyyan, Gianetta, Phebe, Bojei, Matilda, Dunstan, Jocelyn, Kevin, Hal, Juliana, Gwen, Fern

      Seneschal quarterly report submitted.  We'll discuss regalia for Canton officers next month, decided to defer to allow more time for 12th night discussion.

      We need to start the officer selection process, per our Charter.  Officer terms expiring:
      * Marshal
      * Chatelaine
      * Webminister
      * Quartermaster
      * Exchequer
      Officers interested in continuing and anyone else interested in an officer position must declare their interest by the next (March) TGS Meeting.

      Herald update: Jocelyn says there were lots of recent awards, updated list next meeting

      Knight's Marshal: Fern commented practice the day after 12th Night was very successful, starting early and with lots of people there. 

      Exchequer: Juliana has the exchequer domesday done (thanks for helping, Bojei!), signatures collected at the meeting.  We have money in the account.

      MOAS: Gianetta says lots of A&S activity at 12th Night, very large craftsman's fair and laurel prize tourney.  She asks that people send her a note when they do something artsy.

      Quartermaster: Hal has everything back from 12th Night except the tablecloth laundry, delivered by Robyyan after the meeting. 

      We agreed to loan the Nesco cookers to Grey Gargoyles for Stone Dog Inn.

      Chatelaine: no report

      Webminister: 151 hits Thursday before 12th Night, 135 the day before. Average 1.7/day since.  Lots of visitors viewing 12th Night pages, most traffic directly to a 12th Night page, rather than from the site front page. 

      12th Night Retrospective:

      260 attending, 65 non members.  111 lunches sold. We made a profit.

      We started by brainstorming making note of things that worked well and things we wanted to take a look at doing differently.  We grouped those into several categories, then discussed each category.

      The general categories we discussed were Activities, Site & Cleanup, Food, and Gate & Autocrat.  Summaries for each category:

      * Ball in the afternoon worked really well, we should try to schedule this way again
      * Activities scheduled in the music room worked well there, esp. craftsman's fair performances
      * We should not plan for a scribal sandbox when Royalty attend and there is a signet space
      * The A&S activities need to start when the site opens, people want to drop off materials when they arrive
      * Merchant space worked pretty well
      * Youth room - we need to decide just how much youth activity we want to do

      Site & Cleanup:
      * people slipping on floor - see if we can get pages to help lift and carry stuff
      * space usage seemed overall to be OK
      * decor worked out well, as did bringing our own (Hal's) brooms and dustpans
      * We should think about getting a small amount of our own snow melt to apply to sidewalks if needed
      * A parking attendant to help cars park efficiently would be good, if someone would do it
      * voice herald seemed to always be available when needed
      * the dance floor needed mopping, apparently leftover from previous night
      * day camps interfered with lunch some

      Gate & Autocrat:
      * take photos of all the rooms FIRST before anyone has a chance to move things
      * discussed possible changes in gate placement to improve traffic flow
      * we should have a sign identifying the merchant entrance
      * someone took entry signs down, need to double check them and restore when needed
      * having Fern responsible for both hall decor and loaner garb (at the gate) at the same time didn't work
      * move loaner garb to the main hall, not the gate
      * gate needs a list of event staff with cell phone numbers, and staff need to keep phones on

      * Lunch needs to be served in 2 lines, even if there's only one lunch available
      * Feast cleanup went well
      * We need better clarity about who is in charge of servers, and that needs to be publicized better
      * We need a discussion in the near future (March) about canton dishes, storage, and labelling
      * Tablecloths should be shaken out when they are taken off the table, before being bundled for laundry
      Upcoming events people are going to: St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Ravenslake A&S, BWTA, Stone Dog Inn, Midlands A&S.

      Please post additions and corrections, if any.
      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Ayreton, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)
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