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Meeting notes from 2013-09-15

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    My thanks to Christian for taking care of the meeting, and sending along these notes.  As it happened, our flight was delayed by weather, and we didn t get
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      My thanks to Christian for taking care of the meeting, and sending along these notes.  As it happened, our flight was delayed by weather, and we didn't get back to Chicago until well after the meeting was over.

      7:16 - Meeting begins.  Hal, Juliana, Nadezda, Athelwulf, Phoebe, Kevin, Christian, & Tacit in attendance

      SCA-TGS email list not working properly?  Julianna and Phoebe didn't get the agenda on Wednesday.

      April 2014 meeting: Hal suggests deferring decision to move meeting date to avoid conflict with Easter.

      Jocelyn not present: no herald report

      Phoebe confirms that the Equi-sims at Foxhunt were exceptionally fun.

      Juliana (Exchequer): No change in funds.  Robyyan is now on the signer's list.  Nadezda still needs to be removed-- she'll work with Phoebe to arrange a time to go in together to remove her.

      Nadezda (Chatelaine): Lots of Gold Key was borrowed at Fox Hunt; all of it was returned.  Many of the borrowers were in Carraig Ban.  Nadezda has some contact information for

      Nadezda (Baroness): Horde friends gifted to Baroness Ayreton a box of largess to distribute, which she's begun to do.  Court at Fox Hunt was a success.  Ayreton won Baroness Wars (Hoorah!), and a good time was had by all.  The Baronesses are discussing repeating the event annually, and may choose to continue to hold it in "neutral territory" rather than rotating between Baronies as was originally considered.  Ayreton will probably have some of its donated money to support the event returned.

      Matilda has sent a 12th Night update with Hal:  Nadezda will provide marzipan.  Feast will be 10 tables of 8 each.  ACCEPS is set up.  Thieves of Hearts is confirmed for their bowling fundraiser (7-10 pm).  Pale ad will run in November.  Alexander is royalty liason.  Use of sanctuary for court and/or concert is not yet known.  Tenative schedule is drafted, website updates will come soon.  Christian has emailed the teacher who wants to organize activities for students during the event, but has no response.  Phoebe will talk to Matilda and Robyyan about the insurance certificate.

      Other/New Business:

      Phoebe reports on demo at Oakton Community College, which drew 10 participants, including a student (Elizabeth) who came to Foxhunt and another (Kevin) who is willing to serve as president of a student group; that group would benefit from official sponsorship from the Canton.  Kevin A is willing to work with Kevin the student, to handle the OCC paperwork and to act as a (continuing liason as an OCC staff person). 

      Juliana notes that the Silver Thimble Guild has a two-day long household working session coming up-- hooray for arts!

      Phoebe is the newest authorized rapier fighter in the Canton! 

      Nadezda brought up (by way of Alexandru) that Hamish Nesbitt (who is a licensed caterer) may be willing to act as our catered feast person if the group (TGS or another Ayreton canton) wants to host an event at the Irish American Heritage Center.

      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Ayreton, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)

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