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REMINDER: All Souls Event this Satuday!

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  • Ayreton Towne Cryer
    Vanished Wood All Souls Event - Liberate Jerusalem: One Man s Infidel is Another Man s Martyr. The infidels are advancing into the heart of Jerusalem; SCAdians
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007
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      Vanished Wood All Souls Event - Liberate Jerusalem: One Man's Infidel is Another Man's Martyr.

      The infidels are advancing into the heart of Jerusalem; SCAdians are being oppressed and attacked; our guilds and bardic circles are being defiled. Jerusalem is groaning under poorly written filks and undocumented garb. Heralds are harassed and even prevented from access
      to the Boke of Ceremonies. All Noble subjects of the Midrealm must march to the defense of Jerusalem. All should go, rich and poor alike.

      The Midlanders must stop their internal wars and squabbles. Let them go instead against the infidel and fight a righteous war. There will be absolution and remission of sins for all who clean-up and wash dishes in the service of the Autocrat.. Here they are poor and miserable sinners; there they will be rich and happy. Let none hesitate; they must march on the Feast of All Soul's. The Autocrat wills it.

      Now that I have your attention, it is time to go to Vanished Wood's All Soul's Event on November 3, 2007 at the United Church of Christ in Roselle, Illinois. See flyer (http://www.vanishedwood.org/all_souls_day/) for directions. The day will see much merriment, fighting, rapier combat, youth combat, a sumptious feast, A&S displays, merchants, classes, classes and more classes and a Royal Court.

      Master Sean o'Shaughnessy, Autocrat

      This is an e-mail announcement from the Ayreton Towne Cryer. If you wish to have an activity, demo, event or other type of SCA get together announced feel free to contact me and request an announcement be made. After all the more people playing nice together, the more fun it is for everyone! Corrections can also be made but only if you help me find them.

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