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Baronial Possibilities?

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  • dukealaric13
    Hi everyone, Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to talk with and get to know many members of Tree-Girt-Sea, the Chicago-land area, and the
    Message 1 of 112 , Jul 4, 2005
      Hi everyone,

      Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to talk with and
      get to know many members of Tree-Girt-Sea, the Chicago-land area, and
      the Midlands- members both new to the Chicago-land area, and old.

      For many of the newer members, there seems to be a few questions that
      keep popping up, such as- Why do the local groups not get along? Why
      does it appear that many of the local members choose to play on the
      Kingdom level rather than the local level? Do the older members and
      long standing feuds/memories drive newer members away from playing
      within T-G-S and other local groups?

      But singly and above all the other confusion that seems to abound here
      in Chicago-land, one question seems to come up again and again- why is
      there no Barony and thereby no mid-level recognition in the local
      area? For the large group of us who are relatively new to Chicago, it
      seems odd that such a large city either cannot support a Barony, or,
      as seems more likely, is unwilling to support one- is this the case?

      What can we do to increase local involvement, and help people want to
      be a part of a thriving local community? Is it time to open an
      official investigation into the creation of a Barony either within
      T-G-S or in concert with one or more of the other local groups? Would
      a local Barony help make the Midlands and the Middle Kingdom stronger
      as a whole? Is it within our interest to set some of our local
      differences and traditional feuds aside in order to create a stronger

      I would love to hear other's thoughts on this idea and proposal (that
      we investigate the possibility of the creation of a Barony in the
      Chicago-land area). Any pros, cons or issues aired would be appreciated.

      Is it time for a change?

      For the purposes of this discussion, I have used the word "Barony"
      loosely and have not defined it. First and foremost, I think that we
      should find out if what seems to be a lot of support for a "Barony"
      locally is real, and then after moving forward on that initiative,
      work to define what type of entity it would become- whether Crown
      Province (with a Viceroy), a Palatine type Barony with a rotating
      Baronage selected through either combat or arts endeavors, a standard
      Barony (possibly with term limits or votes of confidence), etc. If
      the requirement for moving forward on this matter is ensuring the
      sanctity of T-G-S as a Province, then we will work to find a way to
      preserve it within the new system. For the moment, however, I think
      that answering the question at hand is far more important than
      figuring out what type of entity the area will evolve into.


      Sir Alaric, Duke Sartiano
    • G.R. Wil Arnold
      Thats a very good point and advice, Master Robyyan. Lets all take a breath ;) Kith ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired
      Message 112 of 112 , Jul 14, 2005
        Thats a very good point and advice, Master Robyyan.

        Lets all take a breath ;)


        --- Robyyan Torr d'Elandris <rtesca-tgs@...> wrote:

        > --- george sartiano <countalaric@...> wrote:
        > > [...]
        > > Also, maybe we should have a short organizational
        > > meeting at thePAS-ish event? Just so we can float
        > > the ideas/agenda for discussion at the official
        > > meeting next Wed night?
        > Please don't.
        > In fact, I'd like to request that everyone slow down a
        > bit, take a little more time to breathe and think
        > before you start typing. I've got thoughts on the
        > entire topic that I'd like to share, but not enough
        > time to write them down carefully enough to send.
        > Just reading 50+ messages a day on this list more than
        > fills the time I've got available.
        > This is an important discussion, and it deserves
        > careful thought and full discussion by everyone
        > affected and interested. But there is no urgency to
        > reach resolution, as long as we don't let the topic
        > die. (And thank you, Alaric, for getting it started.)
        > In fact, can we declare a moratorium on the topic for
        > the duration of the event? Here's my thinking: long
        > ago I learned to think of SCA participation as having
        > two components. There's an "onstage" part, primarily
        > events and demos, where we participate in activities
        > in persona, and get to do the fun part of living in
        > the Current Middle Ages. And there's the "backstage"
        > part, where much of the actual business of running a
        > 20th (now 21st) century hobbyist group goes on. The
        > results of this discussion will affect "onstage"
        > activities, but the discussion itself is a "backstage"
        > activity. Let's try to keep the two separate.
        > Thanks.
        > Robyyan Torr d'Elandris Dennis R. Sherman
        > Tree-Girt-Sea, Midrealm Chicago, IL USA
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