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11764Quarterly Report from the Outlands

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  • mmagnusnikolasson
    May 17, 2014
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      Greetings brothers and sisters!

      The fire of siege warfare burns strong in the Kingdom of the Outlands. Siege Marshals have stepped forward in the cities of Boulder and Denver, CO as well as Albuquerque and Las Cruces, NM. Although the number of engines is low (~5), we are proud to report that construction is underway throughout the Outlands! There are no injuries to report as siege engines are rare in heavy combat - for now.

      In Las Cruces (Nahrun Kabirum) a massive trebuchet is being constructed with a 12-ft throwing arm! The team hopes to have this completed in July, but work has slowed due to the loss of college students following Spring semester at NMSU. Meanwhile Albuquerque (Al Barran) and Denver (Caerthe) are building ballistas. Caerthe is in posession of one 25-foot and one 14-foot trebuchet. Guess what we lack in numbers we make up for in size!

      We are weak in siege, but I have set ambitious goals for our kingdom that I will accomplish:

      GOAL #1: 
      My first goal as KSM is to train and appoint at least one Siege Marshal in each barony before 2016. We are developing a comprehensive Siege Program for the Kingdom with safety and strategy in mind, so please be patient. To accomplish this, I will strive to attend and hold workshops at kingdom-level events and will make myself available for those visiting Nahrun Kabirum (Las Cruces, NM). 

      GOAL #2: 
      To better equip the Kingdom for strategic combat and provide siege combat experience to heavy fighters, I would also like to see a SCA-legal siege engine in each barony before 2016 and in each group before 2017. SCA-legal structures meet the requirements laid out by the Siege Engines Handbook and have been inspected by a Siege Marshal. Designing and building siege equipment can be daunting at first. To get everyone started, a number of SCA-approved plans are available online at siegefiles.outlands.org. If you need help, our design group includes student engineers from New Mexico State University, professional craftsmen, and talented artists. Together, we are designing and documenting safe, low-cost, portable, and easy to assemble siege engines for the Kingdom. All designs are the property of the Kingdom and will be available on the previously mentioned website. 

      I take great pride in being honored with this responsibility and look forward to serving you in the future. For news and updates, I suggest subscribing to the Outlands Siege Guild on Facebook.  Please include in the subject the word "Siege" so I can prioritize your message. 

      Yours in service,
      Magnus Nikolasson (Charles Nichols)
      Kingdom Siege Marshal, Outlands