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11761Highland River Melees Scenario Rules

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  • Jonathas
    Apr 21 6:19 AM
      Greetings to all siege crews.

      Highland River Melees, to be held in western Maryland June 6-8, has published the melee scenario rules, and much fun will be had!  As I said earlier, in these scenarios siege has been given a more stragegic objective.  Siege can shut down the the other sides resurrection point for short periods of time, which of course gives your side a huge advantage in taking an objective.  Siege can shoot the sheep. Ok that does not sound so great, but each sheep is a victory point on the day, so hitting one directly takes a point away from the other side!  Siege can sink the boats on the lake, which makes it harder for the other side to come steal your sheep.  And if you can find the secret stash of Naptha you can create flaming siege bolts, with those you can burn down the bridge or the other side's castle.

      And of course you can always take pot shots at the random fighter too.

      So save the weekend and come lay siege to the Highlands!!

      Event Announcement:

      Full Scenario Rules:

      Also, I am looking for Siege MIT's and Siege Marshals to help during the day, yes you will still get to play in this great scenario as well.

      In Service,
      Meister Jonathas