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11757Highland River Melees

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  • Jonathas
    Apr 15, 2014
      I come bearing great news, in the plural!!  You may want to save the weekend of June 6-8.

      First, this years Highland River Melees has an absolutely awesome campaign planned, it will have Bridges, and Castles, and Woods (oh my!) and better yet siege will be included in all battles of the day.  And the best part, while there will be fish in the barrel (aka the bridge) which is no fun for the fish nor the siege crews, there will also be plenty of much more strategic targets available for your enjoyment.  This campaign has the typical tactical fighting taking place, but there is also a definite strategic play going on as well.  So will you and your engine aim to win the battle..... or the war?

      Second, this year HRM has a new site!  It is no longer west of West Virginia.  It is only 1 hour from the Capitol Beltway via mostly I-270 (ok, 1 hour 4 minutes according to Google maps).

      I am the Siege MIC, but given the size of the field in play I will be needing a few other Marshals and any MITs that can help.  If there is interest I can also teach the Siege MIT/Crew class, this will probably need to be done Friday evening so we can get engine inspections done in the morning prior to the melees.

      Full event announcement available at:

      Hope to see lots of engines and crews!
      Meister Jonathas