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11746Re: [SCA-Siege] Pennsic War XLII Siege Marshal Event Report

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  • Rick Greene
    Aug 10 4:35 AM
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      If a lowly Marshal-in-Training might offer up some ideas with regards to
      the Siege war point...

      One thing I saw from behind the fort was that wind was a significant
      factor this year.

      Last year, there was a lot of "hits" on the ground targets, but as I
      recall there was very little to no wind then. This year, there was a
      significant wind from left to right (as viewed by the siege crews) that
      was drastically increasing the difficulty.

      Could flags be added to the fort wall during this competition to help
      crews gauge wind direction and strength?

      Another thought would be to allow all engines a set of ranging shots,
      not just the trebuchet. Crew spotters could be allowed for this. Let
      each engine fire one shot at a named target with crew spotter on the
      wall. Spotter reports result, crew adjusts and fires a second shot.
      Spotter comes back and reports on that, and then the competition firing
      begins, with Marshal spotting as before.

      Another idea to encourage the crews to spread their shots out would be
      to limit the number of hits the targets on the wall can take in a given
      round. Give them a 5-hit limit for the wall targets, then they'd have
      to try shooting over the wall. Sort of like the advancing man shoot in
      archery (if I'm remembering that right).

      I would like to commend Diccon on the decision to have all crews inspect
      the field at once at the beginning...that made the entire thing seem to
      run faster and more smoothly than the year before.


      On 8/10/2013 1:28 AM, Diccon de Reinport wrote:
      > For anyone who is interested, here is my official report as SMiC of
      > Pennsic War 42.
      > -------- Original Message --------
      > Siege Marshal in Charge Event Report
      > Event
      > Pennsic War XLII
      > July 20, 2013 - August 3, 2013
      > Siege Marshal in Charge
      > Lord Diccon de Reinport
      > Kevin Carlen
      > 7243 Kirkdale Dr., Blacklick, OH 43004
      > 614-864-4361
      > siege@... <mailto:siege%40midrealm.org>
      > Engines and Inspections
      > 22 engines were inspected, 20 passed during initial inspection, 1 passed
      > after re-working
      > 1. Thorbiorne (Arbalest), Owned by Great Dark Horde, Kingdom: Middle
      > 2. Dragon Master (Arbalest), Owned by Nadezda (Great Dark Horde),
      > Kingdom: Middle
      > 3. Cian (Arbalest), Owned by Nadezda (Great Dark Horde), Kingdom: Middle
      > 4. Cedric's Balista (Arbalest), Owned by Cedric, Kingdom: Middle
      > 5. Pluvia Mortis (Arbalest), Owned by Goerys "the Unpronounceable",
      > Kingdom: East
      > 6. Shadowclan 24 (Arbalest), Owned by Roderick McKraken, Kingdom: Middle
      > 7. Cormac (Arbalest), Owned by Roderick McKraken, Kingdom: Middle
      > 8. Angst (Arbalest), Owned by Lucius Avitus Gregorios, Kingdom:
      > AEthelmearc
      > 9. BIM (Trebuchet), Owned by Isteri / Duane Lohr, Kingdom: AEthelmearc
      > 10. Thor (Arbalest), Owned by Brandy Elford/Thryi Erhwyf, Kingdom:
      > AEthelmearc
      > 11. Tyr (Arbalest), Owned by Brandy Elford/Thryi Erhwyf, Kingdom:
      > AEthelmearc
      > 12. Odin (Arbalest), Owned by Brandy Elford/Thryi Erhwyf, Kingdom:
      > AEthelmearc
      > 13. o-yumi-san (Arbalest), Owned by Christopher Rawlyns, Kingdom:
      > AEthelmearc
      > 14. O-yumi ni (Arbalest), Owned by Christopher Rawlyns, Kingdom:
      > AEthelmearc
      > 15. Cwen's Fury (Arbalest), Owned by Duke Talymar, Kingdom: Middle
      > 16. O-yumii (Arbalest), Owned by Christopher Rawlyns, Kingdom: AEthelmearc
      > 17. Dragon Fokker (Arbalest), Owned by John Harshman (Tuchux), Kingdom:
      > AEthelmearc
      > 18. Tyger Raper (Arbalest), Owned by John Harshman (Tuchux), Kingdom:
      > AEthelmearc
      > 19. Olee (Arbalest), Owned by Clara of Wulfshaven, Kingdom: Atlantia
      > 20. Marzawwa (Arbalest), Owned by Mihhalo de Werke, Kingdom: Middle
      > 21. Pig - a - pult (Arbalest), Owned by Clovenshield, Kingdom: AEthelmearc
      > Kingdom indicates Kingdom of residence and not necessarily allegiance.
      > Siege Authorizations
      > None.
      > Equipment Failures
      > During the fifth Bridge Battle, one of the Tuchux engines started
      > misfiring. Mistress Svanhildr helped them diagnose a problem with the
      > prod. The prod was tightened and the engine returned to battle.
      > Injuries
      > During the Tower Battle, spectators were standing at the rope on the
      > north boundary. A marshal had repeatedly told them to move back. The
      > spectators told the marshal that he had no authority outside of the
      > ropes. BIM fired a three rock shot near the boundary. One of the shots
      > bounced off of the ground and struck one of the Tuchux water bearers on
      > the head. As the marshal moved towards her she waved him off and said
      > that she was okay. Richard le Hauke was near the engine and told them to
      > reposition as the side marshal called on the radio about the spectator
      > being hit.
      > Notes
      > Four engines showed up for Friday inspection, which is the largest
      > number that I am aware of.
      > The Siege Competition war point went well. It started about 10 minutes
      > late and ran for a little longer than an hour. For future years it would
      > be good to increase the size of the ground targets in the fort and
      > increase the length of time for shooting. After the first couple of
      > engines shot, almost no one attempted the ground targets because of the
      > difficulty. Increasing the time would allow more deliberate targeting.
      > Another change that could be considered is to allow each team to have
      > their own spotter.
      > --
      > Lord Diccon de Reinport
      > Middle Kingdom D.E.M. of Siege
      > Pennsic 42 Siege Marshal in Charge
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