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11739Re: [SCA-Siege] Pennsic 42 report

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  • Oscar Van Loveren 000724 recon
    Aug 5, 2013
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      Everything Roderick said,

      We were on the East side with the dark brown highly mobile
      arbalest with the wooden ammo cart, adorned with the House
      Serpentius cobra and we too kicked butt. We were between
      bridge one and two and softened up the Chux (who actually
      took the shots) and House Dark Moon. One time the Chux did
      break through and during our hasty retreat we too heard the
      cry "kill that siege"..... Fortunately the next thing heard
      was the canon.

      And Roderick, thanks for the string. Still owe you a beer.

      YIS Lord Goerijs the Unpronounceable.

      On Sun, 4 Aug 2013 23:06:06 -0400
      "Roderick McKraken" <yahoo@...> wrote:
      > Herein follows a report for Pennsic 42. If the details
      > are a bit vague (or
      > wildly inaccurate) please feel free to add some
      > clarification.
      > The weather was fantastic this year with highs in the mid
      > 70s. Those who
      > didn't go really missed a good war.
      > There were 22 siege engines that passed inspection. All
      > were ballistae
      > except for one trebuchet, the Bog Infernal Machine (BIM)
      > from Aethelmarc. I
      > brought 2 ballistae, an Ironwolf engine, the Cormac, and
      > one of the red
      > Shadowclan engines. The Dark Horde brought 3. Cedric
      > and Baron Alexander
      > each brought a ballista for the Midrealm. The East
      > Kingdom had several and
      > so did Aethelmarc.
      > Both Aethelmarc and Atlantia allied with the East
      > Kingdom. The East Kingdom
      > won the war by a wide margin.
      > There was one war point for siege engines. It was a
      > target shoot. We had 2
      > minutes to shoot up to 12 bolts at a choice of several
      > different targets
      > worth either 10 or 25 points. This was one of the few
      > war points that the
      > Midrealm won. Duke Sir Cristopher of Aethelmarc had high
      > score overall with
      > 115 points. Cedric of the Midlands (Illinois) had high
      > score for the
      > Midrealm at 100 points. Both a Dark Horde machine and my
      > red engine scored
      > 90 points. I dropped into 5th place this year at 80
      > points with my Ironwolf
      > engine, the Cormac. I had high score last year.
      > Overall score this year was fairly close at 390 to 325 in
      > favor of the
      > Midrealm. Scores between years cannot be compared
      > because the targets and
      > scoring was different. I noticed that everyone had more
      > accurate bolts this
      > year with a lot more spin on them in flight.
      > Only Duke Cristopher and Cedric got off 12 shots in 2
      > minutes. I got off 10
      > and my other crew got off 9 with the red engine.
      > With me on the Cormac was Dwynn of Ironwolf and Eginolf
      > of Talonvale. On
      > Shadowclan 24 was Finnian and Octavio of Ironwolf and
      > Titus of Talonvale.
      > Crewing with Cedric was Fransiscus of Talonvale.
      > There may have been siege engines in the field battle,
      > but I wouldn't know.
      > I don't shoot siege engines in field battles. My engines
      > are heavy, and
      > they are not pivot mounted.
      > On Thursday, Siege was allowed in the Tower battle, a
      > resurrection battle.
      > In addition to several large gates in the towers (marked
      > with hay bales),
      > there were large gates in the walls as well. Fighters
      > from the East broke
      > through twice and killed me and my engines. My other
      > crew members grabbed
      > their weapons and fought while I made the engine safe and
      > resurrected it.
      > Resurrection battles frequently become line combat, which
      > can make for
      > difficult shooting for the siege engineers. You need to
      > shoot over your
      > line and hit the opposing line of fighters, which are 10
      > to 15 feet in front
      > of yours. This can be a hard shot. Fortunately, the
      > Midrealm lines were
      > thin and I could shoot through gaps in them. I lost
      > count of the East
      > Kingdom fighters I killed, and only killed a Midrealm
      > fighter once. My
      > other engine, crewed by the Talonvale engineers also did
      > well, but hit
      > Ironlance in the back a couple of times. One engine on
      > the Midrealm side
      > was asked to stop shooting because of friendly fire. Not
      > to be outdone, an
      > East Kingdom engine shot their own king in the back.
      > The bridge battle on Friday offered better shooting
      > lanes. There were 5
      > bridges with plenty of room between them. We placed our
      > engines between the
      > bridges were we could see the near side of the opposing
      > force on the bridge.
      > Scenario rules prevented us from advancing any closer
      > than 50 feet from the
      > near end of the bridge. The bridges were 90 feet long.
      > This was not a
      > resurrection battle, so each hit really counted. There
      > were 5 or 6 engines
      > on each side in this battle. There were 5 bridge battles
      > that lasted less
      > than 15 minutes each. Both my engines got 10 to 20 kills
      > per battle, but
      > that failed to win it for the Midrealm.
      > The Kings, in their infinite wisdom, allowed siege in all
      > 5 of the bridge
      > battles. For that I am very grateful. We decimated the
      > troops advancing
      > across the bridges. The East broke through every time at
      > the end of the
      > battles. When they did, it was with a yell of "get the
      > siege engines!"
      > Roderick McKraken
      > "There was a point to this story, but it has temporarily
      > escaped the
      > chronicler's mind."
      > -- Douglas Adams, "So Long and Thanks for all the
      > Fish"
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