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11687RE: [SCA-Siege] Mixed Weapons War 2013 (March 29-31 at BubbleBee Ranch, AZ)

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  • Brian Lapham
    Mar 14 8:35 AM
      Let me see what my schedule is. Currently I don't see anything going on that weekend, but I may be missing something. I'll need to check with my significant other and see if she has plans for that weekend. As of now, ANY siege activity would be great. A target tourney
      would be fun, plus just having an open space where we could tinker and shoot would be OK as well.
      Brian Lapham

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      To: SCA-Siege@yahoogroups.com
      From: flohrschutz@...
      Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 18:48:42 +0000
      Subject: [SCA-Siege] Mixed Weapons War 2013 (March 29-31 at BubbleBee Ranch, AZ)


      Mixed Weapons War 2013 is 15 days away. I've been asked by the autocrat to coordinate siege events.

      I have submitted a couple of siege scenarios and the Barony of Sundragon's ballista (BAR) will be on site. I'm also planning a small targeting tournament. A set number of chances to hit targets worth various points at various distances. It's really a chance to expose the non-inducted to siege.

      Is there anything else that you, as siege enthusiasts, would like to see? Is anyone planning to join us at Mixed Weapons War?

      Valdisa Alarsdottir


      Mixed Weapons War 2013
      March 29, 2013 at noon to March 31, 2013 at noon
      Bumble Bee Ranch, Bumble Bee, Arizona

      Adult members: $14.00 if camping all weekend, $8.00 for day trip
      Youth (ages 16-17) members: $9.00 if camping all weekend, $6.00 for day trip
      Non-member adult: Additional $5.00
      Children (ages 15 and younger): free

      Bumble Bee requires the following:
      Parking fee is $7.00 per vehicle for camping, $5.00 for day tripping. Parking must be paid in cash.

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