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Late Gothic veils

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  • Melanie A. Unruh-Bays
    I m working on late Gothic (northern European) clothing for a middle- class woman, and I ve been looking for how-to use and wrap veils. I ve not found much
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2002
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      I'm working on late Gothic (northern European) clothing for a middle-
      class woman, and I've been looking for "how-to" use and wrap veils.
      I've not found much on-line. I hope someone here can help.

      The specific style that I think is very cool is from Embleton - it's
      a photograph of a woman who has re-created a veil wrapped in
      parallel "wraps" about the head, and then the tail drapes over her
      shoulder. (Sorry - no on-line picture, the book's at home, and I'm
      not.) The effect is that of three to five layers carefully laid
      across the forehead forming what appears to be a very thin turban
      that encloses the woman's hair. I know how to wrap a turban (which is
      also a typical headdress for this time and place), but this isn't
      exactly a turban. Where a turban would be twisted, this is very flat.

      Of course, the picture only shows one view; I've no idea what this
      looks like from the back or across the crown. I imagine that it's
      folded down some way to conceal the top of the lady's head, but I
      don't really know. Embleton is known for a reasonable level of
      accuracy, so I'm pretty sure that there's a picture out there some
      where of a 15th century woman wearing this headdress, but I can't
      find it.

      So, I've got a few questions:
      1) Any ideas where to find a primary source?
      2) Any ideas as to how to make this work?
      3) What about size of the veil? How wide, long, etc?
      4) The edge is so delicate that I'm sure that this recreationist
      version is using the selvedge of the fabric across the forehead,
      instead of a hemmed edge. Is this a common practice in period veils?

      Any help would be urh - helpful. Many thanks!

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