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Re: Phrygian caps

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  • Kirsten Garner
    Greetings.. ... world. It ... power. I ... geography ... tip--if pulled ... seen in ... of ... I ve also got copies of Welsh manuscripts (which aren t with me
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2000

      > One form or another of the Phrygian cap was worn all over the
      > resurfaces about every 200 yrs, and at times was the sign of great
      power. I
      > usually refer to it as the "baseball cap" in early history.
      > This is an easily constructed "bag hat", with personal style or
      > influencing the fullness in the crown, that results in an elf
      tip--if pulled
      > up or back, or somewhat of a brim--if pulled forward. It is first
      seen in
      > Greek art about 1000 BC, and was the official headdress of the Doge
      > Venice, in the end of the fifteenth century.

      I've also got copies of Welsh manuscripts (which aren't with me at
      moment so I'll guess on the dates) - 12th or 14th century - clearly
      showing the men wearing something that looks awfully like a Phrygian
      cap. Of course, the Welsh manuscripts are on the same artistic level
      am (and that's way WAY down there), so who knows? ;) But there's
      possibly another example :)

      Julian ferch Rhys
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